Goodbye Kongeparken!

18th of September was my last day at work at Kongeparken, where I have been working for the past four years… It was a sad day, but also a very interesting day, where I realized that soon Ill be working in Epcot, which is maaaany times bigger than Kongeparken. I spent the day taking a lot of pictures off everyone and everything. In the beginning I worked as a «welcomebear», which means welcoming all our guests to the park, telling them about the park and put on them bracelets. Later on I was working in «Matsalen», where we sell burgers, special pommes frites, chicken nuggets, soda etc. At last I worked in «Bukkerittet», which is our cool rollercoaster. 🙂

Me at the entrance of Kongeparken!

Håkon Lund, the leader of Kongeparken, surprisephoto

I first met Håkon Lund in 2003, when I attended in Kongeparkens «Juniorcouncil». Its a gathering two times a year where children between 8 and 12 years old gathers and tests the park and evaluate the attractions and staff and brings new ideas and opinions about the park to the management. I remember it was a fun experience, and I felt that Håkon (who lead the meeting himself) really took us seriously. For the passing years, I ofcourse visited Kongeparken in the summertime, and when I saw Håkon, or he saw me, he actually remembered me every year and said «Hi Alexander!», for a person who has over 200 employes every year and many thousands guests thats impressing. I really felt connected to Kongeparken, and Ive always loved amusement parks…

When I turned 16 in 2007, I applied for work in Kongeparken. I attended «Bearacademy» which is Kongeparkens way of interviewing cast members. We go through about two hours of presentation, games and interaction, then through a personal interview. I was a bit shy, but Håkon really makes you feel like home and its okay to just relax and do what you really want to. I must have done something right, since I started working that summer. 😛

Håkon is a source of inspiration, and someone I really look up to. He keeps in touch with the employes and all of his guests in an amazing way. What he and his family has done with Kongeparken is remarkable!

People waiting for work 🙂

Here we are in the information, where we relax and wait for the «morning meeting» to start.

Me and Torill! Egil, talenthunter and everything man

Glenn Andre (new bigbear) Malin (new bigbear) Reidun (retired bigbear) Anne (retired bigbear)

From the morningmeeting

Me and Kristian

Me and Michelle

Me and Else, my former boss at Avinor (airport) visiting the park

Welcome to Kongeparken!


Matsalen (food restaurant) Brumle the mascot is posing

Me posing outside on Matsalens terrace

Me and Storm

Why so serious? I dont think Egil likes me flashing pictures while he¨s talking in the phone...

Håkon and the juniorcouncil. He told them about me and that I was going to Orlando 🙂


Om Alexander Sjursæther

This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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