Applied Q1 VISA

Finally came home yesterday evening after been traveling around Norway for a week.
Wednesday: Stavanger-Bergen:
Attended the Young Liberals assembly 2010. Met my family and relatives and said goodbye to them. Stayed at my grandmothers place from wednesday to thursday. We had a party on thursday, where I a relative of mine whom I thought lived in Ålesund, I overnighted at his place in Bergen. Very random.

Saturday: Bergen-Oslo:
Stayed at my aunts place in Oslo. Visited some friends and slept over at their place as well. Visited Moelv and Roa as well… Ingunn, Eirin, Connie. 🙂
Saturday night I attended the Lady Gaga concert with Cato and Astrid, it was REALLY AWESOME!!! 😀 I simply just loved it… Even though we didnt have the best seats… the show was just amazing.

Sunday morning I ordered tickets for the nights Lady Gaga concert as well! 😀 (got the BEST SEATS, first row, amazing)
Sooo… I was on both the concerts. Loved em both! Yes, Im a little monster… 😛 😛 😛 😛

So… Back to the  thing you might care most for, the visit to the embassy! 😛
Monday morning. Up early, had to find all the public transporting I needed to get to the embassy. Was a bit stress, but made the embassy 5 minutes before my appointment, which was 09.30. Heres what happens:

– You line up outside the entrance, a security-officer looks at your CEAC and passport, checks you off a list. Tells you to take out everything in your pockets and put in a box when youre called in. Also turn off your phone before you enter. Dont bring anything you dont need at the embassy, its not allowed to store bags or anything there.

– When youre called in, you go through a security check. Since this is a highly advanced system, I wont describe anything, as it may be illegal. Youre not allowed to bring anything but the money for payment and all the documents you need, so prepare to spend a long time without your cell and ipod. 😛

– You enter a small room, full of chairs in the middle where people sit and wait. First you go to the payment-window where the officer takes your passport and other papers you brought and takes your payment… 910 kroner. Then you get a ticket number and told to write your name and address on the envelope you brought and stamp it. I got number 21, and when I got there they were helping number 10. This cant take to long… oh well.

– I sat down in one of the chairs and watched the repeating movie on the flatscreen in the middle of the room. It was a movie about America, surprise. Showing nature, how to do the fingerprint scan, and a lot of people saying: Im an American. Really interesting movie, but when you see it like 6-7 times it gets a bit boring. There is nothing else to do in that room but wait. No magazines, no papers, nothing… I waited nearly 2 hours before my number was called. I took my remaining papers and went to the officer in the other window…

– The conversation/interview was in Norwegian. She asked for the envelope and some papers. I got some of the papers back. She asked me if Ive been to USA before; no, why I wanted to work in USA and if I ever had been in trouble with the police; no. Then there was just some chat and I asked some questions about my departure, and then we were finished… She said that my passport and VISA would come with the mail maybe next week.

Then I went out, got my stuff and felt finished. 😛 It was totally not like Ive expected. I was prepared to talk to a person for a long time and stuff like that… Well, well. The only negative thing was the waiting time inside the room. A bit boring to sit around for two hours doing nothing… 😦  Now I just hope I get the VISA! 😀



Om Alexander Sjursæther

This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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