Visited my grandparents in Langevåg, Ålesund

Wow! Its only 29 days until I leave Norway! So much to do, so little time… 😦

Put my car out for sale last friday, havent heard too much yet. (except some people offering way less). So that concerns me a bit at the moment… Need to sell it before I leave.

From monday to thursday this week I was outside Ålesund, in a commune called Sula, Langevåg, to visit my grandparents one last time before I leave. I also visited my aunt, Anka and her husband Dag Sigurd.

Sollaug, born 1924, is an energetic woman and I dont think anyone will think shes really 86 years old. She is a very kind lady, and she still makes a lot of food. I keep memorizing back when we were there on holidays, she made too much food for 8 people all the time, and nearly forced us to eat it. 😛 The food she serves is ofcourse only healthy food, monday I got some kind of local beef/animal. Tuesday salmon. Wednesday chicken. She was shocked that I didnt eat a lot, because I used to do, when I was fat(ter). But really mentioned that I lost weight all the time, and that I had to keep it that way, so she couldnt force me to eat too much. 🙂

Peder, born 1923, is still the same man he always used to be. I would say that he is more healthy now than a couple of years ago. He has been a fisherman his whole life, and very active in different societies and unions. He is a smart man, and knows a lot about history and development of Norway.

All in all, even though they are 86 and 87 years old, they are more healthy than you can imagine. Sollaug havent smoked a cigarette her whole life (she had a half when she was 17, and still regrets it). They are Christian and live simple, Peder believes in helping and gives a lot of money to the Kirkens Nødhjelp. Anyone remember giving 1/10? Thats him. They dont have any home nurse or anything like that, they do everything by themselves. Peder still drives.

Im really proud of my grandparents, and I hope this wasn’t the last time I will see them. But as one of the last things Sollaug told me; «we either meet here again, or in heaven.»

Here you can see some pictures from my trip: (oh yes, that little blond kid on some of the photos is me when I was younger, I was blond and had curls, like my dad and grandfather used to have, but it always turn out black and healthy. All my relatives on the father side, has a lot of hair all their lives.)


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