Visited London

Came home from a long-weekend in London monday morning. It was awesome!
I havent had a real holiday all this year, Ive just been working nearly all the time. So after I finished my work I decided to go to London and attend the Paramore-concert saturday the 13th… 🙂

I headed off to London last wednesday evening. So it was a good long-weekend.
I lived a couple of minutes walk from the Hammersmith tube-station at a hotel called Premiere West, it was an allright hotel, nothing special, but for the price, Im satisfied.

I used the days to sightseeing around London and usual tourist stuff. I also went to Her Majestys Theatre and saw the performance of Phantom of the Opera, it was very good.

My impression of London, which has more inhabitants than Norway, is good. They have a very well-working transportation system, the tube. Its amazing, and transports a lot of people. The only problem comes in the weekends, when they close down a lot of lines to do maintenance  and improvement, they had to evacuate one of the station with the help from police-officers because is was to crowded, trust me, it was WAY overcrowded… This also meant that I had to take the bus to the O2 arena.

The bus experience to O2 sucked, they didnt put in more buses, even though there was a concert that night. So first waited nearly 20 minutes for a bus with room for me. Its amazing how many people you get into one of those two floor buses btw!
(I had to stand on the 1 floor all the way nearly, and Im taller than the roof… 😦 ) The bus also took about 40 minutes to the O2… So we arrived just in time for Paramore 🙂


Om Alexander Sjursæther

This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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