Arrived the States! :)

Sorry I didnt blog yesterday when I arrived the country… I was thinking about everything else. 😛

Im pretty much settled down… 🙂 Today I greeted the girls from England, and we headed out to eat on a restaurant right across the way. UNO. Good food. then we stayed up in the hotel talking until we now went to bed…

The flight and arrival wasnt really as easy as I hoped. In Iceland I was first denied boarding because someone in Oslo or Stavanger didnt fill in the information on the VISA-program on the computer. So I stressed a lot about finding all the right documents that the boarding crew needed and was the last person aboard the plane… yey.

The trip was fine. Nice chairs, nice tv screens with tons of films and series to watch. 🙂
When I got to the airport, I had to go through a visa and passport control. Everyone used about 2 minutes to do so, but now me. The officer took my passport, typed something and looked confused, took my passport with my visa in it to another officer and talked to him, I was terrified, whats wrong now??? Then the officer went into an office, and stayed away for a couple of minutes… Whaaaat??? He came back and continued typing into his computer. I just stood there and smiled. 😛
He said he had to check something because the VISA information wasnt filled in correctly in Iceland, it should have been done earlier by the aircompany. So he just needed to clear that out… 🙂

Then I got a cab from the airport to the hotel. Best Western International Drive. 🙂 Nice hotel, large and good room.
I didnt really get a jetlag. I dont think so atleast. 🙂 The clock was about 20.00 when I arrived, started 11.00 in Stavanger the same day. So traveled back in time, who says time traveling isnt possible? 😛

Got a text from Marius, which Ive talked to online through, agreed to pick him up and go some place to eat. Ended up at Santa Fe near the Disney complexes, good food there as well. 🙂 We met some other guys from the Norwegian pavillion. Rickard, Sissel and Ole Martin. I got to see the uniforms, bunad, it wasnt really as nice as I thought it would be. It was old and had lost its colour… disappointing.  I really hope I get a new one when I get my costume.

Today I was just in bed nearly the whole day, watching tv, relaxing…
Got out and walked down international drive. Looked at the shops and area. Its nice wearing shorts and skirt in december. 😉


Om Alexander Sjursæther

This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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Ett svar til Arrived the States! :)

  1. Patrick sier:

    Godt å høre at du har kommet deg vel fram. Håper du koser deg i varmen, jeg nyter det siste av kulde her hjemme før jeg kommer ned på tirsdag! Kos deg videre, så sees vi til uka! 🙂

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