Today we got up early to go fill out a lot of paperworks and get our ID-cards.
Was at a meeting for some hours, and then we got our IDs after filling out some papers…. I cant say I got the best picture of me on the card. 😛

Me, Joey and Toby went out to the Wal-Mart with the free Disney-bus to get some stuff for our apartment. We bought a lot, filled up the American size-cart, and had to take a taxi home.

So when we got back home I washed some of our clothes in the laundry room, and after that I made us food. Today we had some chicken and meatballs. I hope Im not the only one stuck doing all the cooking in the future, but its no problem making food for me… Now they all gone to bed, Im going too very soon, just needed my daily dose of facebook… 🙂

Today we get to sleep for a while, not starting until 12.25, so Im going to get a long sleep. 🙂
There will be a welcome-party for the Norwegians tomorrow, we are 7 I think, we were suppose to be 8, but one guy chickened out in London and went home instead… Thats allowed, but it really surprised me,  he seemed very eager to go and was like totally ready and exited… People are different and we can just respect their wishes and choices…

Amazing seeing so many visits to my blog, Im impressed… Tell me if there is anything you miss or have any comments what so ever. xoxo


Om Alexander Sjursæther

This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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