Unusual day at work

Yesterday was my first day at work in my costume, it was an exiting but hectic day at work.

First, we met Michel at the clock in at 6.55, then we learned how to clock in and get assignments from the system. Then we headed off to the Akershus (a replicate of the Akershus Fortress in Oslo which is the pavillions table dining), where we learned about the booking system and how we arranged everyones entry to the restaurant. Then about 8, it was time for tasting of good Norwegian food in the Bakery (Kringla Kafe og Bakeri), the chef there actually worked there since the opening, and nearly all the food is made on location, keeping up the good quality of Walt Disney World. We got to taste skolebolle, terte, verdens beste kake, kanelbolle, ostekake, en dansk og svensk kake, sjokolademousse kake osv… Cant really remember everything, but it was good!

Then we went backstage and learned about the stocking and where to get goods, to refill and cleaning procedures.
After that we learned about the beercart, which sells drinks and some snacks. Then we worked in the restaurant for a while and greeted people into the restaurant, and checked people in. It was a bit scary, but after a while I got the hold of it… Since we were some people, I used the opportunity to go around and talk to some of our Guests, which is really fun and easy.  A lot of the girls are dressed up like princesses, and very ready to meet the princesses inside the restaurant. I actually took some families inside the Stavechurch to show them the Viking exhibition and talked to them about my city and Norway in general, I believe that I really did a great job at that, because the father took lots of pictures of me when I was interacting with his little girls. 😛

I wish I could just go around and talk to guests all the time. I really liked it.

Then we got lunch from the bakery and restaurant, egg, bacon, sandwiches… More food? Oh my. 😛 but very good… After a break we went into the restaurant to do some buzzing, because it was very busy. I told them I could not do so much carrying because I hurt my hand when I fell on the pavement last week (didnt pay enough attention when walking out of the bus, typical me). Then they looked at my wound and after some stress my manager followed me to the Disney Health Services where they rinsed my wound properly and gave me antibacterial cream and some waterproof bandages that I had to use at work. I was really scared, because I believed that the company really didnt want to help its employees in USA, and if you get sick, they will get rid of you, so I was too scared to tell the managers that I needed medical attention, but this was not the case with Disney at all. I believe that the managers cared for me the way they should, and if I felt that I needed some help, they would get it for me for free… So some of my prejudices were not correct, and thats great. (the wound actually looks a lot better now, and I think it will be good in a few days, thanks Disney)

Then I went back to Akershus, cleaned some more tables until my day ended at 16.30.

I met up with Joey which finished the same time as me and we went back home, I got some sleep and then we went to a german party in the Commons, before we took a cab to a local bar/restaurant and met some Norwegians… A really weird and exhausting day. But fun and interesting as well…


Om Alexander Sjursæther

This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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