Great day

Today has been a very long, but exiting day. Im still on my training, and today I learned about the Podium, outside the Restaurant Akershus, this is where we check in all the Guests for their Princess Storybook Dining. Since the Akershus serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, I had to get up about 5, and job starts at 7.30.

I felt like I got in to the tasks at the Podium quite fast and managed to do most things the right way.

After we finished a bit over 14, I had to wait for one of my German roomie, so I had some hours to spare. Which I thought was great, so I could fix some work related forms and e-learning. When I was finished with that, I went back to Norway and helped people who needed it there, and played my part as a Cultural Representative…  I was a lot of the time standing inside the stavechurch and told the Guests who came inside about stavechurches and vikings and the exhibition that is inside the church.

It was really interesting, and I got to talk to a lot of people who brought on their questions about Norway and me. Like: Do you understand the swedish and danish people? How many people lives in Norway? How do I say thank you in Norwegian? (some of the most common questions…) Some also told me that they were heritages of a viking.

I also walked around in the pavillion and talked to more guest about princesses, took photos, helped people etc.

The most interesting and exiting thing that I will definitely remember for a long time, is the family of 6 from Jacksonville. I met them outside the stavechurch when they started their Kim Possible adventure, and tried to help them. So somehow I ended up in following/stalking them (I was allowed when I asked if it was allright that I just followed them, because Ive never done the KP before…)

So I helped them a bit out in finding places in the pavillion, and we all ran around the pavillion like small children, the funny fact is that I was the youngest one there… When we came to the different places in the mission, I told them about the area and its historical connection, like one of the mission areas was with the Grete Waitz statue, so I told them about her. I got to talk a lot to them, and it was real fun to run around with this Kim Possible cellphone… When the mission finished we were near the Maelstrom, so I decided that since they had let me use some of their time, I should do something special for them, so I took them with me through the fastpass-entrance and then we took the ride. Afterwards I made them watch the 5 minute beautiful film about Norway, it was the 4th time I watched it, and I still get some tears in my eyes when I see it, I really love that movie…

At last I took them to the stavechurch where we first met and told them everything about stavechurches and the vikings that I know. Even though my throat was really sore after speaking a lot all day, it was so fantastic to see the whole family engaged and so truly interested in everything I said, that I gave them the same presentation I gave in the beginning of the day. When I see people who is active and engaged I get really positive myself and it helps me to keep going….

They actually asked me for my name so we could be friends on facebook, ofcourse, its great getting more friends around the country and world. Maybe Ill go to Jacksonville and maybe someday I will se them again… This is my precious memory for today, and its these things that you really remember, so no matter how tired you are when you get home, you just have to remember those special moments you have given others and the magic you together share, it really makes it worth it!!! 🙂


Om Alexander Sjursæther

This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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