Merry Christmas

Hi. Sorry there havent been a update for some days now… There is a lot of things happening here now, and Im busy like all the time. 😛

For Christmas, my family came over to Orlando. My father, his wife, my sister and my brother. We had some fun days, cruising around in a cabriolet visiting places. Have also applied for a social security number.

The 23th was a party at Bernts place. Morning of 24th I got out to Magic Kingdom and met my family, and we spent nearly a whole day there. It was great. Then we ate at a Mexican restaurant, I had buffet… Mmm…

The 25th we went to Disney Hollywood studios.

The last days have also been hectic. Working, got a new car. 🙂


Om Alexander Sjursæther

This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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