Hvor hen du går i li og fjell…

Me in front of the Epcot globe that marks the center of Walt Disney World

So, here comes the post about 17th of May celebration in Norway pavilion, Epcot.

I got up early, like 8 a clock to get ready for the celebration in the park that day. Watched the weatherforecast and made sure that the weather would be on our side, read a little news from the celebration back home in Norway, got my stuff and headed over to Epcot.

When I came in to the pavilion, I was met by flags all over the place and a banner with «Norway Constitution Day 17th of May, 1814».

I talked with all the Cast Members and congratulated them. Then got ready for my stand down with the World Showcase Lagoon.

I stood there all day and talked to the guests about our traditions, what constitution day is and how it led to Norway´s independence in 1905, about the graduating students (russ) traditions and anything else the guests might wonder about our country. There was a lot of Norwegians visiting the park that day, also a big group from Daytona Flying School.

At 4.15 it was time for the 17th of May parade around the pavilion. I gave out a lot of papers with the songs we were going to sing in the parade to guests and cast members all day, so that everyone knew what we were going to sing.
I lent a big Norwegian flag from the Oddyses restaurant in Epcot, and got ready to lead the parade. We started off with our national anthem «Ja, vi elsker dette landet» and started the parade from the scene outside Akershus, we walked over to Maelstrom and around with the waterfall, headed towards the exit of the pavilion, passed the Stave Church and continued towards the beercart and Kim Possible, walked besides the Kim Possible station and returned to the scene area. It was about 120 people participating in the parade, which was really cool. It was probably the first and only time Ive been leading a 17th of May parade. We should have had some band or music leading the singing, because the distance in the parade made the songs a little mixed up, but maybe next year… Im really proud of what we made the day become, and would really like to thank my great area manager, Shandon Benton, for doing his best to make this day so special.

You can watch pictures from the celebration of the Norway constitution day 17th of May in my Facebook album. 

Shandon, my areamanger who did a lot to give 17th of May the celebration it deserves.

Kristian Waldemarsen, Solfrid Bringa, Eirik Norgreen, Alexander Sjursæther

The stand I had with the entrance to the pavilion, giving out Celebrating Norway buttons, russekort and telling about Norways history and 17th of May

The Stave Church decorated for our constitution day


Om Alexander Sjursæther

This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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