Norway improvements

Yesterday was my only day off, after working nearly 60 hours last week, and the same for this week. I spent the day with Animal Kingdom, which was a blast, Epcot and finished with watching the new Harry Potter movie.

After Animal Kingdom I went to Epcot to get a friend to join me for the cinema, but first I decided to take the Norway ride «Maelstrom», which is my favorite ride in Disney. The only problem is that its 23 years old and need refurbishment, I got a new hint of that when the ride broke down and had to be evacuated, which took nearly 1 hour.

The boat was going up the ramp to the viking village when it suddenly stopped a voice said: «Please remain seated in your boat, we have encountered an unexpected delay. A Cast Member will be with you in a moment. Remain seated, please. Someone will be with you soon.»

They tried to start the ride a few times, but it just broke down again. In the end they had to evacuate the ride and building, the line which was around 40 minutes long was not so happy about that. We had to sit for around 45 minutes before we got evacuated from the ride, and Im sure the guests in the boat weren’t too happy about that either… I sure wasn’t.

Its time for someone to do something about that ride so it does not break down all the time and works properly. Disney have taken some issues seriously that Ive taken up with them. Now its time for a refurbishment of the Maelstrom ride! The ride is great and I do love it, its just not so cool with electronics from the 80´s that don’t work anymore.

Disney have done some improvements on the Norway pavilion lately though, and redid the Helly room in merchandise, Puffin´s Roost. Its the first room the guest enter in merchandise after the ride and movie, I believe it has become really great.

Nice, don’t you think? I love it!
This is some of how it used to look:


Om Alexander Sjursæther

This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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Ett svar til Norway improvements

  1. Hanne Stenshorne sier:

    Wow, så gøy! En stor forbedring, det var på tide med en forandring:) Skal det skje noe med den norske presentasjonsvideoen også? Jobbet der selv i 2000/2001, ting var jo utdaterte da…;)

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