Norway best at Disney´s Back to School Drive?

Disney focuses a lot about giving back to the society, in forms of giving their Cast Members opportunity to volunteer at events and charity, donating stuff and having campaigns to do something good for the people in our area.

Im a member of the Disney VoluntEars team and have participated in some of the events organized by Disney.

For the last couple of weeks, Disney have a «Back to School Drive» campaign, where we donate money or buy schoolstuff for children who´s starting the school again after the summer. Its sort of a competition as well as we know we give a lot back to the society and help out children who might not have parents that can afford everything their children need for going to school. Some of my volunteering have been at a school, and I know that some children can’t afford what everyone else can because of a tough economical situation. USA have a unemployment rate of nearly 10%, this also affects a lot of children…

So the campaign ended today, and the Norway Food and Beverage was either number 1 or 2 in collecting supplies for the children!!!! Our department managed to gather 87 school packets!!! We will know in the next coming days if we were 1 or 2 of all Epcot departments… Personally I donated around 100 dollars (120 or 140 if I remember right)… But no matter what, we surprised the managers and broke all records together! Our managers said if we got 10 packets, we were going to have a ice cream party, if we got 20; pizza party, 40; cook out. We broke 40, then they told us if we get 75; all F&B Cast Members will get breakfast and dinner in our restaurant for free. We managed to get 87!

Ofcourse its nice getting something back from donating, Im really proud that we managed to help out so many kids and giving them a good start at their school year!


Om Alexander Sjursæther

This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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