The Olson family

The Olson family visited Magic Kingdom for their first time on wednesday, and wanted to do everything in the park, as they only could afford one day in each park since they were traveling all the way from Europe to have their vacation of a lifetime and hoped that all their dreams would come true…

Magic Kingdom was overly crowded on wednesday, and there was a very long wait time for everything in the park, so they decided to do the most crucial rides, shows and events. They waited 30 minutes to get on «Its a Small World», they waited 110 minutes to get on «Peter Pan», 25 minutes to get on «Laugh Floor» etc… The day disappeared pretty fast with waiting in a line.

Towards the end of the day, they were going to use their Fast Passes on Space Mountain, which broke down, so they couldn’t do it. They went over to Splash Mountain in the other end of the park, which they also had Fast Passes for, and did that one in stead.

After Splash Mountain, they saw that they had 2 minutes before the park closed to get on Thunder Mountain, which they haven’t done and thought it would be nice to get it done since it was their only day there. They asked the person in the Fast Pass entrance if they could enter there, since Space Mountain broke down and they couldn’t do it, but he said no. Well, into the regular stand-by entrance.

The Olson family loved fast rides and adventure, and definitely roller coasters, they therefore wanted to be on the last rows, because thats where they felt the energy of the ride best. They asked the Cast Member that assigned them to the front of the train if they could be any further back, the answer they got was: «No, we´re closing so this will be the last and only train…»

Is this a good experience for the Olson family?
I think no, first of all, the guy at the Fast Pass entrance should be a little more nice when they had valid Fast Passes for another ride that broke down. Secondly, since it was the Olson´s family only day in Magic Kingdom, the Cast Member should let them be on the back of the train if they really wanted to, would cost her two more minutes at work, but a good experience for the family.

Thats at least how I believe Disney should be. This family had been traveling all the way from another continent to go to the happiest place on earth.


Om Alexander Sjursæther

This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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