Norway: Powered by Nature

As you might already know, the Norway pavilion has a big lack of updating of the pavilion due to Disney´s fight against Norway government about payment and involvement in the pavilion operation.

In my opinion, the pavilions biggest problem is the movie and bad maintenance of the ride Maelstrom.
The movie is from 1988 when the pavilion opened and shows the guests a Norway with 80´s fashion, old computers and don’t give Norway a decent reputation as the well technologically advanced country we are. I do really like the movie though, because its good made and shows the timeline from the Vikings till the new oil-era that made Norway so rich.

Norway don’t have anything to do with the pavilion anymore, after we sold out in 1992 and stopped contributions in 2002, which led to Disney using our restaurant as a Princess Storybook Dining location.

Everyone wants a new movie, Norway and Disney, and the subject have been discussed many times, the problem; money!
Disney wants 17 million dollars to make a new movie, Norway is not willing to pay that much when Disney is the only one making money out of the pavilion, and the pavilion is very well run.

I understand both sides in this conflict, first of all Im curious why it would cost 17 million dollar to make a new movie.
I understand that Disney wants Norway to participate, because if Norway didn’t have to pay anything then all the other countries could do the same thing and then just leave all responsibility to Disney for doing everything. That is not the thought for World Showcase, its suppose to be an arena where the countries themselves are suppose to represent their culture and heritage. I think its a shame Norway don’t contribute anything to the pavilion anymore.

I understand that Norway don’t want to pay 17 million dollar to a billion dollar company that makes a very big amount of money on the operation of the pavilion.

But what Norway have offered to Disney, is free usage and the rights to a movie that Norway made for the expo in Shanghai; Norway Powered by Nature. Its a beautiful 11 or 5 minute film that presents Norways nature and history. Disney said no to this, because they want to make their own stuff to avoid any problems with copyrights etc… Sort of understandable, but not a good enough excuse when Norway would like to give Disney the rights to the movie.

So Disney, please get a grip on reality and do something so that our guests can experience Norway the way it is today…

You can watch the movie here:   (the 5 minute version, that could easily replace todays movie) (the full 11 minute version, I believe this is great too)  (todays pavilion movie)

My other problem with the pavilion is the ride and poor maintenance done by Disney.
The ride needs updating and strongly maintenance. If something breaks, its broken and will be like that for ever.
The ride used to be pretty much more adventures and good, I mean I still like it, but it used to be so much better.

The up ramp is old and you feel it by all the sounds and shaking in the boat. The Viking scene is not coordinated anymore and the speakings is bad. Theres missing a storyline between the Viking village and horn scene. The trolls are old and the seawater troll is not suppose to go so much up, there used to be smoke in the troll scene, I want that back, fog on the water with the trolls coming up would be so cool to get back. If its because people are allergic to the smoke, its possible to get smoke out of water that don’t give any reactions to people. The little polar bear have been missing for over 6 months now, he was just suppose to go and get some new fur… The big polar bear used to move more, Im also missing smoke in this scene. When you hear the rapid water there were suppose to be movement in the boats so you felt like you were in a storm/maelstrom, but this have never worked, the equipment is there, but they never got it to work in 1988. The nature scene is fun, but the boat here also makes bad mechanical/hard movements, the picture of the fjords is dirty and ruins a little of the show Disney is suppose to give. The North Sea scene used to be wilder and more like the North Sea, Im pretty sure there were small raindrops coming down, and I know there used to be bigger waves, but the wave machines stopped working some years ago and never got replaced/fixed. People should get a few drops of water on them on this ride, its suppose to be a High Seas Norwegian Adventure….





Om Alexander Sjursæther

This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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