One week of Magic

Yeah, I know Im late posting things on this blog. But the last week has been crazy, and I did not have time or energy to sit down with the computer, so Ill do it today, on my day off. So today its actually been one week since I arrived my Disney program, and so far I love it more than I thought I would already. Here´s a little summary of the week:

Day 1:
Arrived at Vista Way Welcome Center to be checked into housing and my program, ended up at Vista Way as I hoped with two Mexicans, two Frenchs and one British guy from my last program. They are all great people and we get along good.

Day 2:
This day we signed a lot of papers and had introduction to housing rules, some basic ground rules for our program.

Day 3:
More paperwork-day.
In the evening we had throw in at Santa Fe, which is walking distance from Vista.
Throw in is a party for the new people arriving on their program, it was fun.

Day 4:

Day 5:
Traditions! Disney´s introduction class for all new Cast Members (since its more than a year since my last program I had to do it again…). We learn about the history behind Walt Disney and the company we will be a part of. Its a long program, but surely performed in a good and entertaining way so it´s not boring, but there is a LOT of information. You learn a bit about the basics, why are we here?!

Day 6:
Off. Just hang with a friend from Norway who lives here now.

Day 7:
Discovery Day, an introduction to Epcot and our workplace.
We got a little tour of Epcot and learned about the importance of understanding different cultures and traditions. After this we had some e-learning (online courses), since I was approved from my last program I only had to do something that took 10 minutes, while the others sat there for some hours. After Discovery Day I hang with the other Norwegians in my arrival group at the pool and we also played some volleyball.

So my week has been pretty filled up with stuff to do, and I love it.
The heat and humidity though is killing me…

Today Im off and going to the parks with some friends visiting from Norway.


Om Alexander Sjursæther

This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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