Maelstrom 25 years!

Today, July 5th, marks the 25th anniversary of the high seas Norwegian adventure Maelstrom.

The opening of Norway and preview of Maelstrom 1988

Maelstrom is one of my favorite Disney attractions and I love working in the place that gives the Guests so much of Norway in just under 5 minutes. I won´t be working today, so  no birthdaybutton Maelstrom for me…. 😦

So heres some Maelstrom history:
Bob Kurzwell was the designer of the Maelstrom-project, while Randy Carter was the producer. These along with Marty Sklar and Randy Bright did most of the negotiations with the Norwegian sponsors, which in the end led to the great Maelstrom ride.

The plan from the beginning was to have a boat ride that would be unique as it would go both forwards and backwards, which had never been done before. Bob had designed the ride to be about the fantasy of trolls and they even had a meeting with the Sherman brothers (who is behind a lot of Disney music) to make a song for the ride. The Norwegian sponsors did not want Norway to be represented just with trolls, they specifically wanted: Vikings, a fishing village, polar bears, a fjord, an oil rig, and yes, maybe a troll or two.

They ended up with the time travel idea, to take the Guests from the early Norway till the present Norway. I know some Guests get confused about it, but when explained it makes sense…

I really love the Maelstrom ride, and the ride and pavilion has gotten some work done on it to make it better, a post about the stuff been done to the ride and pavilion will come within the next few days!!! 🙂

– Maelstrom was originally called SeaVenture, but right before the opening changed name to Maelstrom.
– The Imagineers looked at a tesla coil to provide real lightening, but as water and electricity is not a good match the plans were dropped.
– Maelstrom did not open with the rest of the pavilion as there was a fault in the design leading the Guests to either get SOAKED or fall out of the boat, which happened to the Norwegian television reporter covering the opening of the pavilion.

SeaVenture Mural painting Troll finishing

Look, its white!

Look, its white!

Unload model Early load model First boat Upramp wall Village construction

Infront of Maelstrom during construction.

Infront of Maelstrom during construction.

Check out these pages for more information about the construction and plans for Maelstrom from Paul Torrigino:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.



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This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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