Long time, no see

I know! Its been a horrible long time since my last post! Im sorry about that… There has been LOADS of stuff going on. And now I finally have the time to sit down and take some time to update this site… Heres some things that have happened: 

– I have moved from Vista to Commons into a 1-bedroom and went from living with 5 other to 1, my new roomates name was Brett, he´s American and an awesome person. We got along together great, he was very interested in keeping our apartment clean (worked custodial) and I loved it, we got three white gloves in a row (no flaws and very clean apartment award). He left home two weeks ago now and I been living alone, tried to get my best friend, Zach, to move in with me, but my building is being refurbished so I have to move anyway, so Ill move in to him later this week. Cant wait! 

– I had my exams! I had two exams the last month and last week I went down to Fort Lauderdale to take my last exam in political science at the Seaman´s Church. It went great so Im happy to say I got my winter break now! 

– I had visitors from Norway! One of my best friends back home´s sister visited Orlando some weeks ago, so I took her around most of the parks and hung out alot with them. 
I also had coworkers from my theme park in Norway to visit me during the IAAPA-convention and we did all the parks and I got to attend IAAPA, which was awesome. 
I also had a friend from my last program visiting, she worked in the UK pavilion in Epcot and we hung out a lot during my last program and we were great park-buddies… Great memories!

Frozen have arrived in Norway and its amazing! The meet and greet is extremely popular and have around 2 hours of line each day, the new museum exhibit «Norsk Kultur» is pretty good too. I will make posts about it soon… (not months away!) 

Besides this, life is good! Have a great week everyone! 


Om Alexander Sjursæther

This is a blog about my life as a Cultural Representative at the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot 2011.
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