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My name is Alexander Sjursæther (Sjursaether), and I worked as a Cultural Representative in the Norway pavilion in Epcot, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida on two terms, from December 2010-November 2011 and June 2013-June 2014.

This blog is dedicated to my years in the United States and working for Disney and to the Norwegian Showcase. I will try to keep everyone updated about my year down here and tell how life as a Cast Member in Disney can be…

Me in front of the Epcot globe that marks the center of Walt Disney World

I decided to work in Disney World for a year after finishing high school, since I didnt know what to study further. I have been working in an amusement park, Kongeparken, for four years and want to continue working with service and people. After I finished my first program (2010-2011) I went back to Norway to work for Kongeparken as an Operation Manager for attractions in the park for a season, and it was a great experience. I longed to get back to Disney, and went back to the most magical place on earth for another year…

Job experiences
01.06.2006-01.12.2007 Avinor (Extra help during the rebuild)
21.04.2007-18.09.2010 Kongeparken (amusement park)
01.08.2008-01.08.2009 Sandnes Kommune (guarding the town hall)
10.2009-01.04.2010 ICA Langgaten (grocery store)
01.05.2010-01.12.2010 Statoil (gas station)
07.12.2010-23.11.11 Walt Disney World (Cultural Representative)
05.12.11-17.10.12 Kongeparken (Operations Manager)
18.06.13-13.06.14 Walt Disney World (Cultural Representative)
Now I work at the Customer Service for the power/fiber company in my region, Lyse.

Contact information
Alexander Sjursaether
+47 41555653


9 svar til About me

  1. Marte Kristine sier:

    Hei! Jeg skal på disney intervju nå i mars, og så har jeg fått en mail om hva jeg trenger å ha med meg til intervjuet osv. Og angående den politiattesten (criminal record), så sa de på politistasjonen at jeg måtte ha et skriv fra de jeg skulle jobbe hos der de sto at jeg trengte en politiattest, hvor jeg skulle jobbe, hvorfor jeg trengte den osv. virket ganske strengt. Hvordan gjorde du det, fikk du ett sånt skriv av disney, eller hva? :s Og har du noen tips til intervjuet?? Høres ut som om du har det superfint, håper kjempemase at jeg får jobben!! 😀

    • Alexander Sjursæther sier:

      Hei. Jeg har hørt om det der… Men, du bare sier du skal ha et generelt politiattest. Du sier du skal ha sånn at du kan dra til USA og jobbe der.
      Det trenger bare stå at de ikke har registrert noen forhold på deg… jeg fikk iallefall det til.

      Intervjuet er greit. Tenk på hva du vil fokusere på å formidle om Norge. Hvorfor skal du få dra?

  2. Marte Kristine sier:

    Okei, da får jeg prøve igjen på politistasjonen i morgen da 🙂 Takk for svar!

  3. First Gen norsk here. Visiting epcot in a month. I realized WOW.. I will be in Epcot for Syttende Mai (spelling?) So I stumbled on your blog. Do they continue to do anything? It shocks me that they don’t celebrate major celebrations fro each of the pavilions. Anyhow. Hoping for at least a few Hurra’s! I was sad to see they do not teach people in the way of Goat Cheese, my absolute favorite Norwegian treat.

    • Alexander Sjursæther sier:

      Hi, sorry late answer.

      Oh… You are lucky. The pavilion gets nicely decorated for the 17th of May celebration with flags everywhere. Its really nice to be in the pavilion this day, I think. Just beware of lots of drunk Norwegians during the evening…

      They dont do much now as they did earlier, sadly. I organized pretty much everything done in 2011.

      You can get goat cheese at the buffet in Akershus (if you like princesses too)

  4. mary sier:

    I just wanted to say I love your site. I kinda stumbled upon it. I love the Norway Pavilion, especilly the puffin post store ( the perfume is amazing and i always stock up) and I love the princess breakfast. I also think its cool how I was at epcot two years in a row on your constitution day. the norweigns were so nice and were funny. They did a small thing for it this year and last year where they had a few events to celebrate it, including singing which I thought was cool. I hope to visit norway someday and hopefully teach there 🙂 I just graduated and have a semester of student teaching and then I am hoping to do the dcp… and then hopefully move to Norway. Good Luck in Your program!!!!! I go to Disney World quite a bit because my best friends work there so thank you for what you do!

    • Alexander Sjursæther sier:

      Thank you so much for your feedback! I appriciate it a lot… 🙂

      If you come to Disney World say Hi to me if you see me in Maelstrom.

  5. Jim Andersen sier:

    Hei Alexander, jeg likte å se på deg bloggen. Også livet til en Disney ansatte.

    I will write English as my Norwegian grammar is horrible. You know I think I actually remember you. I was at Disney in 2011, for a work conference but also this year I took my whole family there. There was 8 of us. I live in New Jersey very close to New York. Mitt Mor kommer fra Kvinesdal og far kommer fra Arendal. I have been to Arendal many times and I love Norway. I am very up to date on Norwegian History as my heritage on my fathers side is so well documented. The generation links date back to 850 A.D. and from there goes all the way up to me and then to my children. It takes into account if the lineage changes from a male to a female as if someone who is male marries a female and the female is in the family link. Its very cool to study. Anyway I think its awesome that you are back for a second tour and it seems you love it. If you are there now maybe you can do me a favor. When I was there this past Easter Sunday with my family we ate at the restaurant. It was pretty cool to have a waitress staff member actually come from Arendal. She was very busy so we did not get that much of a chance to talk, but I took a few pictures and my daughters thought one of them came out so good. I am a amateur photographer. My daughters encouraged me to mount it on a plaque which is a hobby of mine. I buy bamboo plaques wholesale and mount pictures or anything else. So I did one of her. Her name is Freya and is from Arendal. I’m sure she is still there. I addressed it to the Norway Pavilion at Epcot Center with all the address info. It didn’t come back so I guess it made it there. But I never knew if she got it or not. I sent a little note with it and thought maybe she would like to send it home to her parents to show them how are work day goes. I don’t know her last name otherwise I’d try to look her up on facebook. My email is nordic233@gmail.com and my facebook name is Jim Andersen, nordic233. Anyway I hope you enjoy your stay this year.

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